Mission Statement

Established since 2005, Atlas International, Inc., is committed to creating superior kitchen and bath products to improve the lives of its customers. Atlas International is currently located in a 100,000 square foot distribution warehouse in Santa Ana, California. Atlas International prides itself on its innovative products, great customer service and a desire to become a leader in its industry.

Ariel Bath and Cavaliere range hoods are among the various brands and products Atlas offers. The Ariel Platinum line of steam showers and whirlpool bathtubs make steamtherapy and a spa experience possible in the comfort of a personal bathroom. We also offer shower panels, walk-in tubs, eco-friendly toilets and bathroom vanities.

Cavaliere kitchen range hoods, and other brands we carry, are made of brushed stainless steel and come in different sizes for wall mounted, island, or under the cabinet range hoods. We also offer range hood accessories for the convenience of our customers.

With more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing, Atlas strives to provide products designed with elegance and the latest technologies in mind. Our goal is to produce high end quality products at accessible prices so our customers can get the most out of their bathrooms and kitchens. We believe that the many hours we spend in our homes should be as enjoyable as possible.

At Atlas International Inc., excellence is a way of life.